A city councilman has a quirky idea to ask schools to institute a daily moment of silence so students can meditate and reflect on their day. Lew Fidler (D-Brooklyn), who is Jewish, said the idea was proposed to him by a group of religious leaders, including rabbis and priests.

“I know as a human being it’s helpful to me. Sometimes when I’m driving in to work to think about what I need to do today, what should I accomplish today, what’s important today,” Fidler said. Fidler said it could be prayer, mediation or “perhaps even to calm down a little bit and get ready for the day.”

I am a lover of simple solutions. While we tend to think that solutions are difficult, this is usually wrong. It is problems that are difficult. When we have problems, we are working hard to solve them and whatever we are doing isn't working, so it seems like the solution must be something very difficult. But usually when we find a solution that works, it turns out to be something very simple. 

At the border of Crown Heights and Brownsville, in an impoverished corner of Brooklyn, stands the hulking, tan brick building that houses P.S. 191, the Paul Robeson School.